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From Multiple Sectors to Implement Evidence-Based Strategies for Health Improvement



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Bolstering Infrastructure for Health Improvement

Healthy communities require active, multi-sector coalitions and infrastructure to enable an environment for sustained continuous improvement. WCHF, through its Resource Bridge, works to connect health coalitions and designated state health priorities with funding, partners, education and technical support.


Growing Resources for Community Health

A unique role for WCHF within Wisconsin’s healthcare landscape is the development of a community health philanthropy network or Resource Bridge that links financial and volunteer resources through partnerships with community foundations, other foundations, United Way organizations, businesses, individuals and other funding groups to health improvement.


Aiding Shared Statewide Health Priorities

The WCHF Agenda for Healthy Communities reinforces shared priorities in health from existing state health plans and expert organizations. The WCHF Board of Directors, with the assistance of other health leaders, identify projects to support in selected focus areas that may benefit most from additional funding and partners. The WCHF Board of Directors and Advisors is made up of representatives from philanthropy, public health, health care and business professions that work to promote collaborative health improvement efforts and the building of partners and resources to support health improvement.

WCHF’s Resource Bridge is intended to help make existing teams or priorities achieve faster and stronger results!

Presently WCHF’s priorities are linked to the state’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Unit.

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Championing Health is Everyone's Business. Health enhances quality of life and impacts educational attainment, worksite productivity, performance and the economy. Health today is much more than medical care and intersects community development concepts including social, economic and physical environments and health behaviors. While different stakeholders may have a unique role or motivation for health improvement, they all share the same goal:  community as a destination for healthy living, learning, work and play. 

The Wisconsin Community Health Fund (WCHF) incorporated in 2014 to ensure all Wisconsin residents have opportunities for health advancement within their respective community. Through the growth and focus of both financial and volunteer resources, WCHF enables an environment where healthy communities and citizens thrive.


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Leadership AND ADVISORY TeaM

Lee Wiersman

Business Sector

Gabrielle Rude

Health Systems Sector Representative

Walter Orzechowski
Social Determinants of Health Advisor

Brett Davis

Insurance and Business Sector Representative

Paula Tran Inzeo
Population Health and
Health Equity Liaison 

Rebecca Thompson
Executive Director
Wisconsin Community Health Fund

Charlene Mouille

Philanthropy Sector

Ron Spielman
Community Health Endowment Advisor


Agenda for Healthy Communities (2019)

The Agenda for Healthy Communities supports existing plans for health improvement throughout Wisconsin. Connection to the Agenda for Healthy Communities is intended to help make health improvement teams or priorities achieve faster and stronger results. Take action and support healthy Wisconsin communities today!

People  |  Promotion of Improvement Resources  |  Funding

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Connect to improvement teams today and play a direct role in the planning and implementation of health improvement action throughout Wisconsin.

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Promotion of Improvement Resources

Assist the advancement of health priorities and increased quality of life for all by joining our improvement resources promotion effort.

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Grow resources for the healthy Wisconsin communities of today and tomorrow through donations to support community health innovation, mini-grants to combat heart disease and local and regional community health investments with certified community foundations.

Community Health Innovation. Grow financial resources to support community health innovation and pathways for healthy communities through the building of effective partnerships, deployment of evidence-based health improvement strategies and outreach and spread of vital community health education.

Combat Heart Disease. Grow financial resources for mini-grants and heart health education events that combat heart disease and help support one of our state’s and your community’s top risks for death and unnecessary costly disease.

Create Sustainable Resources for Health Improvement. Grow financial resources for the development of partnerships and long-term endowment fund vehicles that provide enduring and flexible community health support.

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